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Savannah Cat Breeder New Available Kittens May 2017

Syminou Exotic Felines is a family environment cattery raising a livestock of Savannah breed cats, proud descendants of the great Serval. We are located in the Province of Quebec, Canada, and are exclusively dedicated to the mating of Savannahs. All our cats and kittens share life with us and evolve freely in our house, which allows them to get accustomed to normal household sounds and ambiance. Our cattery, as well as all our cats, are certified and registered with TICA and CCA. We have worked in collaboration with animal science professor Dale Hummel, a specialist in genetics, in order to obtain all the best characteristics.


My love for cats goes back to early childhood, a time when severe allergies prevented me from enjoying my passion. One day, out of pure luck, I discovered this exotic breed of cats that is hypoallergenic for most people. I could not hold myself from falling in love with these magnificent animals.

I ended up taking a trip to the United States in order to see them with my own eyes, and to submit myself to an ultimate allergy test. Standing in the presence of Savannah cats is astonishing. Their beauty, their wild looks, impossible to resist! To my great surprise I suffered no symptoms of allergy in their company, and I became convinced that if I could start breeding them I would help others like me who suffer cat allergies.

- S.E.P.


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* Pictures marked with a * are by Holly & Dale Hummel.

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